Saturday, December 18, 2004

About life

I am now hearing My Dying Bride and thinking of how miserable the world is.
What reason have we to live in it? what should we hold on to?

To futile ideas with which we don't identify ourselves with most of the time?

To people? These ridicule beings that become dust with the passing of the time? That only work to accumulate things and later dying?

To feelings? Something so capricious that it can change to the minimum gesture or action?

There is nothing worth living for in this world. Nothing really...
There are people who will tell you that love is worth living for, others will say that there are causes worth dying for but those people don't think... they can't cope with its futile existence and finds the most amazing excuses to try and give some meaning to life...

These people now are dead
They were born dead
There's no hope
There's no salvation
There's nothing beyond pain and suffering in this world

And we, supposedly intelligent beings, find thus our curse... our unalterable condition of puppets in the hands of any superior design (maybe yes, maybe not) or only of perhaps pure and random molecular shock.

Why we?
Why me?


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