Saturday, December 18, 2004


The hatred runs in my veins like sweet honey. It feeds me... nourishes me, gives me strength...

What do I hate you ask....
What do I hate?

I hate everything
With all the forces of my being
Everything that exists and does not exist
I hate me and I hate what I love

I hate God, Jesus Christ, Alah, Buddha, Lucifer... all the false idols and all the false prophecies
Had I the power....
I'd free humanity of the yoke of these perfidious creatures
of these ignoble desires of superiority created by mad prophets...

Around the throne of gods I'd place spears the
size of the world where I'd impale their putrid heads as a warning...
In its place not a person would sit down, not a idea, but a hive....


Humanity would be its own god... its own will, its own life... humanity would live for itself directed toward itself and if not caring about divine beings

But there still is another problem. The people who use other things superior to
humanity to excuse their ways... something that they cannot name or choose not to name it.
People who choose as god concepts so ridicule as love, friendship, routine, work, family...
These things do not exist. Humanity is as an animal, a great big animal that thinks it can think and, however, is nothing more that an animal as all the others and should have to
behave as such, leaving these vacant perceptions of intelligence it behind.

Man is so intelligent that he kills thousand of people per day.
Man is so intelligent that he fights for a land handful until the death
Man is so intelligent that he kills and he dies for love
Man is so intelligent that he is a complete idiot

We have to remove the cancers of humanity... the
cancers of the good feelings and the bad feelings ... all feelings annihilated

We cannot have love without hatred and in the same way if we don't have love we'll not have hatred

Perhaps removed the cancer we could grow... we could
transcend and perhaps I could stop to hate...

Who knows? I never believed in fairytales

About life

I am now hearing My Dying Bride and thinking of how miserable the world is.
What reason have we to live in it? what should we hold on to?

To futile ideas with which we don't identify ourselves with most of the time?

To people? These ridicule beings that become dust with the passing of the time? That only work to accumulate things and later dying?

To feelings? Something so capricious that it can change to the minimum gesture or action?

There is nothing worth living for in this world. Nothing really...
There are people who will tell you that love is worth living for, others will say that there are causes worth dying for but those people don't think... they can't cope with its futile existence and finds the most amazing excuses to try and give some meaning to life...

These people now are dead
They were born dead
There's no hope
There's no salvation
There's nothing beyond pain and suffering in this world

And we, supposedly intelligent beings, find thus our curse... our unalterable condition of puppets in the hands of any superior design (maybe yes, maybe not) or only of perhaps pure and random molecular shock.

Why we?
Why me?